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Happy Friday!

I’ve taken on the task of organizing my jewelry box… Sadly, I have so many pieces that I can’t wear anymore because they are tarnished, tangled, missing stones /jewels etc. But, instead of throwing them away, I’m finding ways to upcycle them into fantastic new pieces! Here’s the quickest and easiest way to revamp your  tarnished jewels into BRIGHT “like-new” accessories:

jewelry diy pic 1STEP 1: Find old/tarnished jewelry

jewelry diy pic 2STEP 2: Apply nail polish of your choice

neon jewelry diy pic 3STEP 3: Let dry & then ready to wear!

I love this DIY because it’s quick, easy, and just like polishing your nails, you can use nail polish remover and change-up the colors whenever you want! I’ll be sharing more ways I’m upcycling/revamping my old jewelry so be sure to check back (and follow) for more DIY ideas! Have a fun & safe weekend!

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