Precious Friendship

Little Orange Book

Today, a bunch of our friends surprised us (well, my mom… I knew) with a going away luncheon. It was such a blessing to me to be reminded that I do, in fact, have friends. And they love me.

See, just about 2 weeks ago now, I thought I had 2 friends in the whole world. 2 friends that were actually friends and not just acquaintances. And I told that to one of said 2 friends. And she was just like,

“Emily, I bet you have way more than just us. You just have to find them.”

Turns out she was right. I don’t have 2, and have 6 and growing. And then today I remembered that acquaintances are actually really fun to have, even if you don’t want a deeper friendship with them.

They went around the room and said something that stuck out to them about my mom…

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